Notice on Awarding the third Batch of Postgraduate Degrees in 2023

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Notice to all relevant colleges: The third batch of graduate degree awarding work of our university in 2023 will be carried out according to the relevant graduate degree system of the university, and will be completed by the middle of December 2023. Now, the relevant matters are notified as follows

1.Thesis submission for approval

Academic achievements and dissertations uploaded in the management system (Only 2018 and later registered students)

Before submitting the thesis for examination and approval, the graduate students log into the "Graduate Management Information System" to enter their academic achievements (including academic papers, patents, scientific research awards, etc.) and upload the electronic version (PDF file) of the thesis in the format of the blind examination.

2.Detection of academic misconduct or plagiarism in academic dissertations:

All graduate degree theses must be tested for academic misconduct, which the college should implement. Only those who pass the test results can enter the submission process.

Identification and treatment of test results:

If the "full-text copy ratio of the thesis" is less than 10%, the thesis can be submitted for approval after passing the test.

Suppose the "full-text copy ratio of the thesis" is between 10% and 24%. In that case, the tutor shall review and determine whether there is academic misconduct in the content of the thesis and make specific handling suggestions in combination with the content of the test report.

Suppose the "copy ratio of the full text of the degree thesis" is more than 24%. In that case, each degree evaluation sub-committee or sub-committee shall organize relevant experts to review and determine whether there is academic misconduct in the content of the degree thesis and make specific handling suggestions according to the determination results. In principle, dissertations with a "full-text copy ratio of dissertations" higher than 35% should be submitted for approval one semester later.

3.Verification of the authenticity and reliability of the content of the dissertation.

Before the thesis is submitted for review, the postgraduate tutor will review the postgraduate degree. The paper shall be comprehensively checked to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the content, and cheating of the degree thesis shall be avoided. The college shall retain the relevant verification materials for future reference.

4.Internal review and External review

The submission of doctoral dissertations for internal review examination shall be jointly organized and implemented by all colleges and graduate schools, and the combination of "internal review report " (1 copy) and "blind submission" (3 copies) shall be implemented. The college is responsible for the implementation of the internal review for approval. The submission for review is implemented explicitly by the second-level training unit and reported to the Graduate School for filing. The discipline and college will determine a review expert (or expert group) according to the research content of the doctoral dissertation to be submitted for approval. The internal review submission of doctoral candidates should be completed before the blind submission. Postgraduates can modify according to real-name experts' comments and submit for double-blind review after being reviewed by real-name experts. The review results will be signed and confirmed by the review expert (or expert group). When the doctoral dissertation is submitted for review and approval, a copy of the review opinion passed by the "internal review report" shall be attached. The graduate school is responsible for implementing the "double-blind submission for external review". The review of a professional master's degree thesis can be conducted in the form of one internal review and another blind review. The college is responsible for organizing the preliminary examination of the degree thesis of graduate students who have reached or exceeded the maximum length of study. At least five experts from the college and discipline organization shall strictly review the relevant degree papers. Only after the preliminary review is passed and the preliminary review result is signed and approved by the discipline leader can the subsequent submission for review be entered.

It is recommended that colleges with conditions take the methods of pre-examination, pre-defence, and internal review to check the quality of graduate thesis at all levels and categories in advance.

5. Submission and Deadline

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the defence of the dissertation and the awarding of this batch of degrees. The submission deadline for external review is doctoral dissertations - November 3 (Friday) and master's dissertations - November 9 (Thursday). If submitted after the deadline, the application for approval is accepted commonly, and the graduate student needs to sign the relevant commitment letter.

6. Thesis Random Inspection

The degree office will feed back the results of the synchronous spot check to the relevant colleges promptly, and each college will deal with them according to the Measures of Jiangsu University for Handling Postgraduate Dissertations with Unqualified Opinions on the Spot Check Review (JDX [2022] No. 43).

7. Application for excellent graduate thesis of the university

Each college shall formulate detailed rules for selecting this year's excellent graduate dissertations following the Recommended Measures for the Selection of Excellent Graduate Dissertations of Jiangsu University (JDX [2021] No. 112) and report to the Graduate School for filing before implementation. Specific requirements will be notified separately. In principle, the graduate students who intend to apply for the excellent graduate thesis of the university must apply in person when the thesis is submitted for examination and approval and fill in the "Application Form for Excellent Graduate Dissertation of Jiangsu University" (Annex 3) with the consent of the supervisor. The college collects the superior information, and the relevant application forms are submitted to the Degree Office of the Graduate School along with the application form for examination and approval. The degree papers are all submitted for examination through a third-party platform.

8.Feedback on the review opinions and exception handling of the graduate thesis submitted by the Graduate School for review.

After the review opinions are complete, the Degree Office will notify the College electronically. The College will feed back the review results to the graduate students or supervisors. For the graduate thesis submitted by the College for review, after the review opinions are complete, the College will feed back the review results to the graduate student or supervisor. In case of "abnormal submission of degree papers for examination", the graduate school and each College shall deal with it in strict accordance with the Measures of Jiangsu University for Submitting Postgraduate Dissertations for Examination (JDX [2021] No. 186).

Dissertation defense

The defense date of the graduate thesis shall be determined after receiving the comments of "Agree to Defense". A dissertation defense arranged without dissertation review opinions or evaluation experts' "disapproval of defense" is invalid.

In principle, the defense of the degree thesis adopts the offline defense method. See the Detailed Rules for Implementing the Degree Award Work of Jiangsu University (JDX [2010] No. 186) for the defense provisions. If there are exceptional circumstances, such as being unable to return to university, you can reply online after the application is approved.

Before the defense of the degree thesis, the graduate student should write a detailed modification description according to the review comments of the thesis and submit it to the college (master) and graduate school (doctor) for approval before handling the defense application procedures.

Suppose there are differences in academic opinions or disagree with the opinions of the review experts. In that case, the reasons shall be stated, and the thesis defense can be conducted only after the tutor's confirmation. The revised explanation shall be submitted to the defense committee for review.

The dissertation defense is a meaningful way to review the content of dissertations, carry out academic exchanges and improve the quality of dissertations. All colleges should attach great importance to it, ensure there are answers and arguments and try to avoid being a mere formality.

Granting graduation and degree certificates

Preparation of certificate

All graduate diplomas are printed by OEC & IEAO and degree certificates are printed by graduate school. Each school is responsible for the photo paste of the certificate, and the time to paste it will be notified later.

Issuance of certificate

The certificate must be approved by the Institute, finance department and graduate school. The time for exclusive collection of certificates will be notified separately in due course. Certificate holders are requested to receive the certificate at the exclusive time. Otherwise, only Thursday afternoons, after one month of expiratory period, will be the time for obtaining the certificate (except holidays).

Replacement of certificate

Students who need to change their certificates due to errors in the information must submit written applications to the Graduate School Degree Office at the beginning of the next batch. The certificates can be replaced only after the valid reason of the application certificate is accepted. Such applications are not accepted in this batch. All colleges are warmly invited to do a good job in awarding the graduate students for the Second batch of 2023.

Documents required for evaluation:

Students must prepare the following documents and bring them for verification to their respective offices

2016 & 2017 students: 1410 OEC: Miss Li

2018 & Later students: 213 A Graduate school: Nitin


a. Application form to submit dissertation [soft and hard copy, 2 copies]

b. Basic information form [soft and hard copy, 2 copies, please make sure your personal information, your name, birthday, major]

c. Dissertation information form [soft and hard copy, 2 copies, must be filled under the supervision of supervisor]

d. Handbook [Must be filled and signed] [If you are outside China and don't have training book, see Annex for soft copy]

e. Transcript [ Will be prepared and attested during verification of documents in IEAO office]

f. Academic card (master: at least 10 times. PhD: at least 15 times)

g. Plagiarism report [Signed by school secretary]

h. HSK certificate

I. Thesis [PDF and should not contain any information regarding supervisor or publications; 2018 and later students must verify information in the system and upload the thesis and other information in the portal prior to submission]

J. PhD students [Internal review report]

k. First page of your publications [PhD students must download their article from WEB OF SCIENCE Document search - All Databases (, Master students must show the proof of valid ISSN of their publication from Welcome to The ISSN Portal | The ISSN Portal